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Security Careers in the Bay Area

Open Positions
While we do accept applications at our Fremont office at any time during regular business hours or you may also submit an application online at any time here. If you would like to also email a resume, you may send it via email to our recruiting manager as either a file attachment in MS Word format or plain text format, or inline as the email body itself. We regularly conduct group interviews on Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m., and on Friday at 10:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. You may also request a personal interview for other hours and days.
Remember, all positions require drug testing, background checking, and reference screening as part of the hiring process.
Available Positions
Business security

Available Schedules
  • Full-time: five days at eight hours, four days at 10 hours, three days at 12 hours
  • Part-time: less than 32 hours each week
Available Shifts
  • Day
  • Swing
  • Grave
  • Starting from minimum wage, up to $15/hour
  • Depends upon qualifications, experience and work site
As a highly motivated and confident member of C & C Security Patrol Inc., you will be responsible for the safeguarding and surveillance of the company's job site to prevent and deter theft, violent activity, and legal infractions while ensuring uninterrupted efficiency of building operations. In this position, you will conduct effective unarmed foot patrols, control access and egress, monitor electronic screening equipment and video surveillance, operate alarm systems, compose reports, and perform other duties described in your site's post orders.
  • Execute and enforce client-specific tasks
  • Complete and deliver timely and accurate reports
  • Conduct effective security patrols
  • Observation, reporting and preventing incidents by having a physical presence
  • Provide support in the event of an emergency or alarm
  • Maintain client confidentiality
  • Ability to stand, walk, and sit for extended periods
  • Ability to work indoors and outdoors, under various environmental conditions
Required Skills
  • Demonstrate ability to interact and communicate effectively
  • Ability to evaluate and mitigate situations
  • Active and effective listening skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Familiarization with various patrolling and monitoring techniques
  • Demonstrate proficiency of operating communications equipment and smartphone technology
  • Accurate and detailed report writing
  • Superb English writing and speaking skills
  • Ability to work alone, unsupervised, or with a team
Recommended Experience
  • Two (2) years in corporate security field with direct client interaction
  • Three (3) years military experience (DD214 with honorable discharge)
Required Experience
  • California BSIS Guard License
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Higher education and additional training is preferred

Available Schedule
  • Full-time: five days at 8 hours
  • Part-time: two or three days (weekends) at 8 hours
Available Shift
  • Varies within 8 hours between 6 p.m. to 6 a.m.
  • Most patrol routes are 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.
  • Starting at $11
  • Negotiable upon experience
The Patrol Driver Security Guard is responsible for making random, periodic stops at various client sites throughout the shift to conduct accurate foot patrols and vehicle patrols, and to create accurate reports on findings, potential situations, and property statuses.
  • Drive to designated client sites
  • Conduct client-specific, comprehensive foot, and/or vehicle patrols: doors/windows/walls
  • Check for vandalism, maintenance issues
  • Enforce trespassing and loitering compliance
  • Check status of any loose materials
  • Provide support in case of an incident or alarm
  • Complete, maintain, and deliver accurate reports on mobile-reporting, GPS-tracking smartphone
  • Ensure individual property safety and security prior to leaving the site
Required Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge
  • Reliable transportation to and from main dispatch office
  • Knowledge of San Francisco Bay Area roadways and efficient driving routes
  • Energy and enthusiasm for accurate, honest work
  • Excellent written and verbal English communication skills
  • Maintain a professional image and presentation
  • Follow verbal and written instructions, take direction and supervision
  • Develop complete knowledge of C & C Security Patrol's procedures
  • Effective listening skills
  • Physical, mental, and emotional ability to remain calm in all situations
  • Act with patience, tact, and courtesy in dealing with various personalities under demanding and difficult conditions
  • Maintain a positive, customer-focused approach
  • Work with others from all different professional and cultural backgrounds
  • Proficient use of technology, including but not limited to: smartphone, GPS, and mobile reporting devices
  • Learn quickly and adapt on the fly to changing environments
  • Maintain confidentiality of proprietary business information
  • Exceptional time management and organizational skills
  • Problem solving, understanding standards and procedures, analyzing information, dealing with complexity, attention to detail, and thoroughness
Required Experience
  • Clean driving record with valid California driver's license for at least five (5) years
  • Minimum three (3) years of security guard experience (will not accept applications with less than three (3) years)
  • Valid California guard card license
  • Minimum of a high school diploma or GE equivalent
Performance Measurements
  • Accuracy of patrols and reports
  • Consistency of delivered reports
  • Safe driving within the speed limits and traffic laws
  • Performing all assigned patrols within the scheduled time
Required Documentation
  • DMV printout of driving record (obtainable online from DMV for nominal fee)

Open Positions/locations
Day shift starts in the morning and ends in the evening. Swing shift starts in the afternoon and ends close to midnight. Grave shift starts close to midnight and ends in the morning. Night shift is any 12-hour shift that includes midnight.
Concord/Walnut Creek
  - Not actively recruiting for this area.
  - Not actively recruiting for this area.
  - On-site guard: Sunday/Monday grave shift available.
  - On-site guard: part-time swing shift available, Tuesday through Friday.
  - Not actively recruiting for this area.
Richmond/San Pablo/El Cerrito
  - Not actively recruiting for this area.
  - Not actively recruiting for this area.
San Francisco
  - On-site guard: day shift for part-time, full-time and overtime shifts available, all days of week. Multiple positions available.
  - On-site guard: full-time swing and grave shifts, all days of week.
Redwood City/Palo Alto
  - On-site guard: full-time and part-time grave shift, all days of week.
Millbrae/San Mateo
  - Not actively recruiting for this area.
  - On-site guard: position starts mid-July, several positions opening. Call office for more information.
  - Supervisor position: on-site supervisor, looking to promote from within, but willing to take outside candidates too. Call office for more information.
Union City/Fremont/Newark
  - On-site guard: open days, day, and night shifts. Several open positions available here!
  - On-site guard: weekend part-time, all shifts available. Several positions available!
San Leandro/Hayward
 - On-site guard: overtime (12-hour) day shifts, temporary assignment, Monday-Friday schedule.
San Jose and South Bay
  - On-site guard: full-time day shift available, Monday-Friday.
  - On-site guard: full-time swing shift available, Monday-Friday.
  - On-site guard: full-time grave shift available, Monday-Friday.
  - On-site guard: full- and part-time grave shifts available, weekend schedule.
  - On-site guard: overtime (12-hour) day shift available, Sunday through Tuesday.
Morgan Hill/Gilroy
  - On-site guard: full-time as Wednesday through Sunday, noon to 9 p.m.
Security patrol