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Patrolling for Protection in San Francisco

Do you have a large parking lot that needs to be patrolled? Are you worried about your location during different hours? Do you want a little bit of extra protection? Patrolling of your business bolsters the protection you provide your customers, employees, and business. Our patrol program provides you with random foot and vehicle patrol check-ins as a perfect alternative to on-site guarding that keep your property safe and protected.
What Is Patrolling?
Random foot and vehicle patrols are good deterrents to criminal activity. Patrolling is when one of our security guards enters the vicinity of your location to check up on things and make sure nothing bad is happening. These patrols are random and give those with criminal intent caution when considering breaking in or stealing from your location.
All of our armed and unarmed guards who provide patrolling services are licensed, screened, trained, and professionally uniformed. Those with criminal intent will think twice before considering your location as an option if you subscribe to a patrol detail.
What Do Guard Patrols Do?
Patrol guards’ tasks include, but are not limited to:
  • On-call response
  • Building and perimeter checks
  • Observation and reporting
  • Incident response
  • Locks and unlocks
  • Loitering compliance
Our patrol details are customized to fit your needs.
Parking lot patrol service
Why Should I Have My Location Patrolled?
Because our patrols are random, those with criminal intent won’t know when guards are on your property. This helps to dissuade them from entering your property and performing a criminal action.
Protect your employees, property, and assets today by scheduling an appointment to discuss how we can provide patrols in your area.