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On-Site Guards for Your Protection in San Francisco

Do you own a large property in California? Do you operate a delicate, sensitive business that needs to be protected at all times? Are you worried about your business being compromised? All companies need some form of protection. Our on-site guard program provides you with personnel to protect your location and anything that happens there.
What Are On-Site Guards?
On-site guards can be armed or unarmed guards who provide physical protection wherever your location is. All of our guards are licensed, screened, trained, and professionally uniformed to perform part- or full-time security details on your property.
What Do On-Site Guards Do?
On-site guards’ tasks include:
  • Foot patrol
  • Vehicle patrol
  • Observation
  • Incident response
  • Deterring illegal and inappropriate actions
  • Security lobby reception
  • Gatehouse attendance
  • Public relations
  • Reporting
  • CCTV monitoring
Our on-site guard programs are customized to fit the needs of your property.
On-site security guard
Why Should I Have On-Site Guards?
On-site guards make your location safer because they provide a visual element of real-life guards patrolling and guarding. If criminals are going to break in or steal from your location, they might think twice before doing so because they see a guard walking the halls.
Protect your employees, property and assets today by scheduling an appointment to discuss how we can help.