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Executive Protection in San Francisco

Are you in need of personal protection? Do you need to protect your family? Are you traveling to California and require a protection detail? Personal and family executive protection is one of our specialties. Feel safe and protected when you hire C & C Security Patrol for your personal protection.
What Is Executive Protection?
Even though the word “executive” might make this seem like it’s for CEOs or visiting dignitaries, executive protection is actually for anyone who feels the need to be protected. Executive protection is a personal bodyguard or group of bodyguards (dependent on your needs) who can be with your during certain times or 24/7.
All of our armed and unarmed guards who provide executive protection services are licensed, screened, trained, and professionally uniformed. Those with criminal or ill intent will think twice before considering you as an option if you’re protected by a C & C Security Patrol guard.
What Happens During Executive Protection?
Our goal is to be customer-oriented and security-minded. As such, our executive protection program is designed to inhibit your way of life as little as possible. We want our guards to fit seamlessly into your life like a tight glove. Each of our executive protection programs is customizable to your needs and desires.
Executive protection guards’ tasks can include, but are not limited to:
  • Emergency response
  • 24/7 personal guard
  • Observation
  • Crowd management
  • Company downsizing
  • Executive meetings and gatherings
  • Hostile threat management
Our executive protection programs are customized to fit your needs and your life.
Executive protection
Why Should I Have Executive Protection?
If you fear for your protection when in California, then an executive protection program will help set you at ease. With this ease, you can get back to why you came to California and complete your daily tasks knowing that you are safe.
Executive protections dissuade those seeking ill toward you. By having a personal guard near you, those who might wish to harm you will think twice. If someone does attempt something toward you, then our guards are trained to stop them before harm comes to your life.
Protect yourself by discussing with us how we can provide you with the best executive protection program for you.