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Special Event in San Francisco

Are you putting on a high-end party with big-name celebrities attending? Do you have an event coming up that might be targeted by those wishing it ill? Do you need guards at your special event just in case? Special event guarding helps your attendees feel safe and secure, knowing that they are protected during the hours of the event.
What Are Special Events?
Special events can be anything from a small, intimate gathering to a large, raucous party. We put no requirements on the number of people required for a special event. Special events can include but are not limited to:
  • City events
  • Strikes and protests
  • Conventions
  • Hotel events and banquets
  • Festivals
  • Weddings
  • Quinceañeras
  • Corporate meetings
The armed or unarmed guards who provide special event services are licensed, screened, trained, and professionally uniformed. Those seeking criminal or ill intent against your special event will think twice before considering it as an option if you’re protected by a C & C Security Patrol guard.
Special event security
What Happens During Special Event Protection?
Our goal is to be customer-oriented and security-minded. As such, our special event protection program is designed with inhibiting your special event as little as possible. We want our guards to fit seamlessly into your event like a tight glove. Each of our special event programs is customizable to your needs and desires.
Our special event protection programs are customized to fit your needs and your event.
Why Should I Have Guards at My Special Event?
Sometimes all you need is on-site guards for one day or for certain hours during the day. Special events programs provide the flexibility that your event needs to be the safest possible place for participants.
Special events protection dissuades those seeking ill toward you or your gathering. By having a guard at your special event, those who might wish to harm you will think twice. We can also provide guards to help with crowd management for special events like marches and parades.
Protect your next special event by discussing with us how we can provide you with the best protection program.