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Skilled, Dependable Security Services in the Bay Area

Mission Statement
We will provide reliable, quality security services. We will attract only the best-qualified and screened personnel available. As a well-trained, skilled, and prepared team, we will provide our clients with specialized, proactive service. The investment in protection and security is PRICELESS.
The C & C Advantage
Guard Booth Implementation
If required, at no additional cost we provide a guard booth on-site to deter predators and provide peace of mind for employees and patrons. A small, safe, and visible structure acts as a home base for the guard and an extra measure of security to protect your facility.
Based on your specific needs, requirements, and procedures, we tailor a flexible, month-to-month package, set with detailed, standard, and custom post orders to fit your budget. You will enjoy no extra charges for any holidays or overtime.
Guard booth

Complimentary Security Consultation
15 minutes of your time is all we need to discover and understand your needs and show you why we are the best fit for your security requirements.
Price, Service, Support, and Experience
Our expertise in these four areas enables us to commit to your needs and wants without hesitation or limitations.
Scalable Technology, Guard Touring, and Checkpoint System
Discreet installation on the property at designated checkpoints. With access to real time reports, we monitor guard activity with date, time, and ID stamp, ensuring facility checkpoints are regularly visited. We offer GPS tracking, guard touring, checkpoint scanning, mobile-device reporting, real-time data, secure client portals, and paper-free and worry-free service.
Our rates are based on the type of service we provide and factors such as market average, specific requirements, client needs, and length of term.
Appearance and Uniform
Uniforms can be customized between clients, industries, and assignments. Whether you require business formal attire for professionalism or military style for patrol services, our high uniform standards ensure the most appropriate attire to maintain your image and uphold standards.
Employee Motivation and Retention
We place high value in employee motivation and culture by offering complete benefit packages, continued training, and ongoing support. As a result, we can boast high employee retention and low managerial turnover.